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Just Write Something

CODE: Collect, Organize, Distill, and Express.

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·Jan 29, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • Higher Order Summary
  • 1. Where am I coming from
  • 2. The Journey
  • 3. The Advice: Documenting
  • 4. One Statement - Several Languages

Last planted on February 11th, 2022

Writers, developers, and active readers of the web. Those who are fed up with finding a "why" to start writing. Spoiler Alert: "Why?" is a weird notion. Just do it for the enjoyment of it.

Higher Order Summary

It's wise to document what one is learning and then reflect on it. It is one of the quickest ways to learn experientially.

1. Where am I coming from

What you are reading is the first write-up on this blog for 2022. In a sudden burst of inspiration—(exaggerating, of course!)—I got an urge to write about what I am learning. I am learning to code,, so mixing it up works well. Have you felt that burst of inspiration lately?

Starting is enough. As it's said, the first step is the hardest. The rest follows gradually. Build and iterate and treat everything you make as a prototype.

I can write and code on this blog, and at the same time without getting too much into the following:

  • Moralizing, Politicizing, and Idealizing.
  • Criticizing, Generalizing, and Glamorizing.
  • Mentalizing, Intellectualizing, and Theorizing.

Coding is objective in and of itself.

GIF or a looped video of a Cat hanging on to a mop while it's being used

Obligatory cat GIF. I couldn't resist. 😬

❓ So, where am I going with this?

2. The Journey

Right now, I am on this journey of:

  • Learning — "web development" with The Odin Project community.
  • Creating — "needful projects with universal appeal."

3. The Advice: Documenting

I am seeing one piece of advice floating around the web. And that is to document whatever you learn and build.

It seems that it teaches you two things:

1. Gain a higher level understanding of what you are doing right now

A clear sign of capability is when you can explain what you are doing or have done in simple language.

2. Be content with the progression

It's easy to lose sight of how much you have progressed when you learn something new.

If you document your journey well, you can observe how much you have evolved.

4. One Statement - Several Languages

So I'll keep this first post of 2022 short and sweet and conclude with:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>One Statement - Several Languages</title>

    Hello World!

Hello World!

P.S. Thank you, Hashnode, for making the process of writing: easy, attractive, and enjoyable.
P.P.S. Tiago Forte's CODE framework inspired the subtitle: "Collect, Organize, Distill, and Express."

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